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FASD United

If you are looking for valuable information regarding FASD and other resources, please take a look at FASD United. They are doing great work in advocating for The Respect Act and have nationwide affiliates and resources posted on their website. I have personally met with representatives of FASD United and I cannot impart just how helpful and great they are. To visit, simply click on the image below!

FASD United

PTSD: National Center for PTSD

It doesn't matter if you are a veteran of the United States Military branches, this valuable resource helps provide information on PTSD. PTSD is a very serious, life altering, condition and can occur from more than military combat. Childhood trauma, sexual violence, mental abuse, physical violence and more all contribute to PTSD. Every individual handles and experiences PTSD in different ways but what we all have in common is the fact that we need to address our triggers and conditions in a way that is helpful to us. Don't hesitate to get help today. While this may be the VA website, it does have plenty of information you may need. To visit, simply click on the image below.

PTSD Center

Orchids FASD Services of Wisconsin, Inc.

A 501(c) non-profit organization of concerned parents and citizens of Wisconsin who provide supportive services and resources for adolescents and adults affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol. Orchids is not just limited to Wisconsin, though it is their primary location and target, but work with others Nationwide to help find and establish resources and housing for those with FASD and their caregivers/providers. I have met with and worked with representatives of Orchids personally and have nothing but great things to say about this organization and what they have, and are working on, accomplishing. To visit, simply click on the image below.

Orchids WI FASD Services


Help for those who are victims, and survivors, of Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, or forms of Sexual Violence is never too far away and available 24/7. Whether you need help or want to learn more on how to prevent these issues from occurring, please visit them. I personally utilized their resources during the reporting of my former abuse and they provided the resources I needed. To visit, simply click on the image below.


The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

As time progresses we are beginning to understand, and accept, that children can experience life altering forms of trauma and stress throughout the aging process. The NTCTS aims to help provide valuable information and resources to those caring for children who have, or are, experiencing trauma and stress. Whether it's finding a therapist or just educational information, the NTCTS can help you. To visit, simply click on the image below.


Angela Geddes - Therapist / Author

Angela Geddes is a therapist, and author, based in Ontario, Canada. Working with both diagnosed individuals and caregivers alike, Angela shares what she knows, learned, and continues to learn. Angela is also the author of a wonderful book titled, "A Complicated & Beautiful Brain." Angela reached out to me to connect on Twitter and was happy to provide myself with her book which I read and I cannot express how wonderful her book is in providing insight and valuable information on what it is like having FASD as a growing child and adult. I suggest that anyone who can purchase her book. Angela also has a wonderful podcast. To visit, simply click the image below.

Angela Geddes
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