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Message from Michael

This post was oringally created on November 16, 2022 at 5:06pm and had to be re-posted:

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my self-advocacy platform. By now I'm assuming you have been on the homepage and read about why I started this platform for myself. At this point I am still working on establishing and setting up this website and platform and all the associated social media accounts and I ask that you please be patient with me as I compile and coordinate everything.

I first had the idea of starting something like this years ago but it took me awhile to get the process started and I had to test the waters to make sure this was what I wanted to do. As I found my voice and advocated for myself, I came to realize that this was exactly what I wanted to do. After giving several presentations, and firsthand accounts on what it was like living with FASD, I came to the realization that my own personal accounts and information were extremely valuable to all of those involved in the FASD community.

I, however, have the unfortunate yet unique capability of providing firsthand accounts and information on living with PTSD, Sexual Abuse, and Trauma as well. It was with all this in mind that I officially decided that I wanted to use my voice to help further the understanding, defeat the stigma surrounding, and help others like me. While it was not easy to originally come forward with my story, I have found that it has become easier each time and also therapeutic. I have always wanted to find a way to utilize what has happened to me as a way to help others instead of letting it defeat me and I feel I can now accomplish that.

I officially invite you to join me on this adventure of advocating, providing resources and information, firsthand accounts, and my personal story so that we as a community may find the help and resources we need for others and ourselves. Remember that you are not alone in any part of life whether you are an individual struggling with these same issues, advocating for, caring for, helping others, or a professional in the community looking for valuable firsthand information to help further the understanding of these conditions.

Remember, your greatest advocate for you is yourself!

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