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Michael F Rader
Meet Michael

Hi there & thank you for visiting my self-advocacy platform! I'm glad you are here. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

First & foremost, my name is Michael, or in my native tongue Meshan (Meth-Shan). I am a Native American living in the state of Wisconsin.

I am a disabled adult diagnosed with a plethora of both physical & mental health issues & many are a direct result of FASD. I also struggle & cope with multiple issues that stem from sexual abuse I faced as a child including PTSD, ACE's, Trauma, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, & more.

I also have a achieved a lot in my lifetime including Honor Societies, President and Provost lists, and owning my own business as well as being my own self-advocate.

Meet Shyla

This is Shyla, my ESA. I first got her a few years before she became my ESA. She had previously been abandoned with 2 other cats in an apartment that her original owners moved out of.


I adopted Shyla because I recognized the need to have a pet that would provide happiness and comfort to me during vulnerable and hard times. Shyla helped fill a gap that I felt had been missing and created a a lasting effect that still resounds with me to this day. Shyla and I bonded quite quickly and at times I would wake up at night and she would be on my dresser watching over me. Shyla has a very calm, shy, quiet demeanor about her and at times I credit her for saving myself when I felt alone. It was extremally important to my overall mental health and wellbeing to have Shyla and to this day her and we still share a special bond.​

Meet Mika

This is Mika, my PSA. Mika is a mix of a Labrador, dachshund, and Boxer. He was donated to me by Old Bones Animal Rescue based in Wisconsin. Mika was just a young puppy when he came to me but somehow he knew he had a big and important job from the very beginning. On the drive home, Mika simply curled up on my chest and fell asleep and immediately provided a sense of peace and calmness to myself and assured me he felt safe in my care. 

Mika has a unique job as a Psychiatric Service Animal and helps me feel safer, less anxiety, and a provides what I consider a safety net for myself. Training Mika for these tasks was not always easy but was well worth it in the long run. Today he always seems to know when I need his help and is always willing to comfort me. Sometimes he can sense the signs and knows even before I do. I give him a lot of credit for helping to restore my confidence to be out in the general public.

Interested in having Michael speak, present, attend a meeting / conference or do you have a question you'd like Michael's response to?

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