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This page is provided as only a voluntary option. You are under no obligation to provide a donation and we will never reach out to you to request one personally (with the exception of another organizations fundraiser).


Why do we have a donation page? This page, as explained above, is purely provided on a voluntary donation basis. The reason this page exists is for the following reasons:

1. Michael operates this entire site and domain at his own expense.

2. Michael is a low income, disabled individual, who invests his time heavily into providing any, and all of, the information on this site and platform and hopes that it may be of use, educational, informative, and resourceful for you and that if you appreciate his work you may consider a donation whether big or small.

3. Some of the resources used are at cost to Michael.


In no way do we want you to feel obligated to provide a donation but should you so choose, it is greatly appreciated and any amount big or small is gladly accepted so that Michael can continue this site for as long as possible! 

Paypal - Michael F Rader LLC
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