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Our Voices and Life of Wisconsin (O.V.A.L of WI) aims to provide powerful, accurate, and insightful firsthand accounts on what it is like to be living with FASD, PTSD, Trauma, and Sexual Abuse. Designed to be a self-advocacy platform, O.V.A.L of WI does not direct itself to be a professional, medical health, mental health, or legal advice platform but rather share resources for those living with these conditions and insights to everyone in the community so that we may all learn and grow, as a whole, in a way that breaks the stigma surrounding these issues and enriches the lives, research, and way we think of everyone involved.


If you feel that you have valuable information, a story or insights, links to resources, or more, please don't hesitate to reach out. O.V.A.L is always looking for individuals, caregivers, parent or guardians, professionals, or organizations to share information that can be posted on this site and its social media platforms for others to utilize!

Our Voices and Life of Wisconsin (O.V.A.L of WI) is a self advocacy platform utilized by Michael F Rader to help provide engaging firsthand insights, information, life stories, and accounts regarding FASD, PTSD, Trauma, and Sexual Abuse. The overall aim is to help provide those within the community valuable information from an individual diagnosed and living with these conditions to help break the stigma surrounding these issues, help self-advocate for the further needs of, and provide hope to those living with, caring for, and engaged in furthering the progress, understanding, and research needed in these fields. O.V.A.L is not a substitute for legal, medical, mental, or other like professional advice but rather engaged to provide resources and information.


Beginning in 2022, Michael saw the need for providing firsthand accounts and information surrounding these issues as he began accepting and attending invites to meetings to share what it is like living with FASD. This is where O.V.A.L now furthers, and builds upon, this concept and welcomes all to engage with Michael, and this very platform, so that together we can help demonstrate that our diagnosis's and disabilities are not what define us. As an entirety we can truly achieve much more than going at it alone.

Always remember that you are your own greatest advocate!

Interested in having Michael speak, present, or attend a meeting / conference? Have a question you'd like Michael's response to?

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* There are currently no events scheduled at this time. Please check back at a later date. You may request a one on one session, mentoring session, or writing from Michael at this time. You may also request a speech, conference, meeting, or other attendance both virtual and in person at this time by filling our the Contact Form or emailing:

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